We provide HIGH QUALITY SERVICES for the Installations of Telecommunications Solutions for our clients, with the standards and standards required. After executing the facilities, a report is delivered with the result of tests to clients, which ensures the correct functioning of the installations carried out.


We make point-to-point connections, including for the clients that require it, the construction of towers and masts, we provide all the material, equipment and microwave for the radio links and the connection to operators.


We perform installations, troubleshooting, and start-up of RF system installations, for the different operators at the national level in tower and floor. Data and Transmission Equipment: We perform engineering, installations and data technology supply such as Switches, Router, and PTN and MUX and DWDM transmission equipment. We designed your data network in your company and the integration to the local network, making all the adjustments (adaptations of civil works, ladder routes, rack supplies, patch panel etc) required with high quality and cutting edge technology.

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